An alternative/ punk rock graphic apparel and handmade craft shop! 

We are independent, woman-artist-owned + black-owned and based out of northeast Ohio.

What began as a self-expressive space on Instagram for artist Rachel Ruby Raymond’s and Math Byler's love of pop culture, street art, and music has evolved into a shiny, spikey kick of in-your-face punk rock with a sprinkle of sugar and a double dose of spice.

We believe in true expression of self and that at it's very core, a shop should be rooted in its own ideas and designs. All of our art and graphics are 100% conceptualized in house by us and exclusively original to our brand. Our accessories are bold and original statement pieces that allow you to express yourself unapologetically. We take pride in our quality and assure you that we aren't making cheap throwaway shit like some other companies.

We aim to share, connect and grow within the alternative creative scene worldwide by giving a voice to the overthinkers, dreamers, introverts, and, let’s not forget, skull lovers! 💀

What started from one shirt has grown to become so much more and has  allowed us to connect and share our passion for creativity with so many others, and for that we are forever grateful.

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Rachel and Math